Freja Kirk – “Fine Things”


Alexander Grandjean – “Seventies”


Freja Kirk – “Ride” feat. Noah Carter

Alexander Grandjean – “Seventies”



Freja Kirk – “Red Light”

Freja Kirk – “Go”

Freja Kirk – “You”

Freja Kirk – “Forever”

Yes-R & Sisse Marie – “Till The Sun Comes Up”

Chriz – “Lighters Up” feat. Joey Moe & Jinks

Granity – “Ready” feat. Nneka

Leonora – “Helt Alene”

Granity – “Echo” feat. Jo Angel


Pssssst… When I’m in the mood for headbanging and wobbles, I hang out with my boy Emil Towity. We used to do A LOT of dubstep and drum’n’bass together, under the name of Granity. Recently he took over most of our common work for me to focus more on songwriting, but we still do certain projects together. Check out our work here: